SKYFLOR® facade system

The vision of vertical oases in urban spaces was right at the beginning of the «Green Walls» research project. What resulted from this is SKYFLOR®, a patented system made up of high-performance concrete, ceramics and a substrate, making it possible to green facades in all kinds of ways. The individual self-supporting elements can be put together in many different layouts thanks to their modular design and provide a foundation for green
walls with remarkable characteristics.

  • An attractive design using ceramics in combiniation with a diversity of plants represents a completely new aesthetic in facade construction.
  • It supports biodiversity and helps conserve native fauna.
  • It improves quality of life thanks to its good sound insulation properties.
  • It contributes ecologically to the improvement of urban microclimates.
  • Thanks to innovative technology, the three layers of “concrete”, “substrate” and “ceramic” are extremely thin.
  • Direct installation of the finished SKYFLOR® elements onto the supporting structure eliminates various working steps and ensures rapid construction.
  • With SKYFLOR®, facades are attractive right from the start. The mineral-based ceramic walls that can be seen at first are transformed into growing green areas.

SKYFLOR® is a patent-protected product and registered trademark of Creabeton Matériaux AG, Lyss, Switzerland