EXPO Milano 2015

SKYFLOR at the International exhibition Expo Milan 2015 with green pilasters due to SKYFLOR
Sage on SKYFLOR elements up to a height of 9 meters
Green walls on the Swiss pavillon
Sage at reach due to SKYFLOR

Universal Exhibition Milan 2015, Italy. Swiss Pavilion

SKYFLOR modules seen from the side
the green pilasters of lush mint and sage
Green modular elements during the Genevra exhibition
SKYFLOR as verticale element of the outdoor installation
lush green growing on SKYFLOR

photos: digitalflow.ch/Reto Albertalli

The green pilasters, composed of SKYFLOR® modular elements, could be seen from a great distance. The outdoor installation lessismore on the site of the Swiss pavilion was a project by the students of hepia / Ecole du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève at the invitation of the City of Geneva. The aim of the project was to reflect on the core theme of the Universal Exposition «Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life», while engaging in a dialogue with the Swiss pavilion. Exhibitor Magazine awarded the Swiss pavilion the prize for Best Interpretation of Theme.

The vertical element of the lessismore project consisted of three green pilasters of lush mint, sage and thyme, climbing on up to a height of 9 meters. They symbolised nature that goes on regenerating to nourish us when we have consumed the food it has produced.

SKYFLOR® is a patent-protected product and registered trademark of Creabeton Matériaux AG, Lyss, Switzerland