Solutions COP21 in Paris

Swiss Pavillons at Solutions COP21
Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard is visting Skyflor
Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard interested in the green wall system Skyflor
Prince of Monaco is visiting Skyflor
Prince of Monaco is interested in Green walls
The Skyflor system view from the side
eton Matériaux AG is a Vicat Group company
The green facade system attracts visitors at the public presentation
Public presentation at the COP21 of the green facade system

SKYFLOR® presented at COP21 in Paris

Switzerland was two times present at the world climate change conference COP21: at the Bourget and in the Exhibition Solutions COP21. The Grand Palais was welcoming the visitors to live the climate experience and discover existing practical solutions to take us forward to the post-carbon era. In the Swiss Pavillon, solar and water energy were prominent with Solar Impulse and its world tour as the star.

A little selection of Swiss enterprises appeared in public in the Grand Palais, among them Creabeton Matériaux, SBB and the BKW groupe. Creabeton showed his facade system SKYFLOR®, that ties in with the modern perception of urban sustainable development and helps combat the problem of urban heat islands. SKYFLOR® was very well received, among the visitors were Prince Albert of Monaco and the Swiss Federal Councel Doris Leuthard.

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Solutions COP21 in Paris

SKYFLOR® is a patent-protected product and registered trademark of Creabeton Matériaux AG, Lyss, Switzerland